Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
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Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs

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Mexican American Bar Association-PAC

Los Angeles Police Protective League

Service Employees International Union 721

El Monte Police Officers Association
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Latino Prosecutor’s Association

Torrance Police Officers Association

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Southeast District Bar Association



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Linda Sanchez, Congresswoman, 38th Congressional District of California

Ken and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney 2000-2012

DA Steve Cooley and DDA Ken Fuller
District Attorney Steve Cooley and Deputy District Attorney Ken Fuller on hiring day

Sharon Quirk-Silva, CA State Assemblywoman, 65th Assembly District;

Ken and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva

Ali Taj, Mayor of Artesia

Ken speaking at campaign event with Mayor Ali Taj of Artesia

Jay Chen, Mt. Sac College Trustee/Navy Officer
Suzann Reina, Elected County Central Committee 36 AD LACDP Delegate
Larry Caballero, OCCDP Delegate Alternate
Diana Lee Carey, Westminster City Council


(1) Hon. Julian Recana, Compton Court,
(2) Hon. Chris Frisco, Long Beach Court
(3) Hon. Tomson Ong, Long Beach Court
(4) Hon. Carol Najera, Long Beach Court
(5) Hon. Bruce Marz, Pomona Court
(6) Hon. Michael Abzug, Downtown L.A.
(7) Hon. Amy Carter, Torrance Court
(8) Hon. Drew Edwards, Downtown L.A.
(9) Hon. Russell Moore
(10) Hon. Katherine Mader, Downtown L.A.
(11) Hon. Maggie Miller-Bernal, Norwalk Court
12) Hon. Lori Ann Fournier, Norwalk Court
(13) Hon. Judith L. Meyer, Long Beach Court
(14) Hon. Bernie LaForteza, Downtown L.A.
(15) Hon. Carol Rose, Bellflower Court
(16) Hon. Lee Tipton (ret.);
(17) Hon. Gary Ferrari, Long Beach Court
(18) Hon. Edmund Clarke, Jr., Torrance Court
(19) Hon. Norm Shapiro, Downtown L.A.
(20) Hon. Teresa Magno, Compton Courthouse
(21) Hon. Pat Connolly, Compton Courthouse


(1) John Nantroup, Head Deputy District Attorney, Organized Crime Division
(2) Peter Bliss, Head Deputy District Attorney, White Collar Crime Division
(3) Manuel Garcia, Deputy District Attorney-in-Charge, Child Abduction Unit
(4) Emily Spear, Deputy District Attorney, Sex Crimes Division
(5) Shaun Gipson, Deputy District Attorney, Healthcare Fraud Division
(6) Jeff Stodel, Deputy District Attorney, White Collar Crime Division
(7) Tom Saxey, Deputy District Attorney
(8) Susan Gruber, Deputy District Attorney
(9) Dan Wright, Deputy District Attorney, Environmental Crimes Division
(10) Richard Magelby, Deputy District Attorney, Environmental Crimes Division
(11) Jason Liso, San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney
(12) Paul Feldman, Ventura County Deputy District Attorney
(13) Tony Cho, Deputy District Attorney, Elder Abuse Division
(14) Don Syn, Deputy District Attorney
(15) Ian Phan, Deputy District Attorney-in-Charge, Post-Conviction Review Unit
(16) Keith Duckett, Deputy District Attorney, Hardcore Gang Division
(17) Brad Harmon, Deputy District Attorney
(18) Craig Kleffman, Deputy District Attorney
(19) Christopher Curtis, Deputy District Attorney, Environmental Crimes Division
(20) Kevin Haligan, Deputy District Attorney;
(21) Craig Rouviere, Deputy District Attorney
(22) Nick Swartlow, Deputy District Attorney, White Collar Crime Division
(23) Paul Thompson, Deputy District Attorney, Sex Crimes Division
(24) Steve Wang, Deputy District Attorney, Consumer Protection Division
(25) Brandon Wong, Deputy District Attorney
(26) Ben Schwartz, Deputy District Attorney, Hardcore Gang Division
(27) Jean Wu, Deputy District Attorney, Pomona
(28) Islam Ramadan, Deputy District Attorney;
(29) Felipe “Mike” Vela, Deputy District Attorney
(30) Chris Baker, Deputy District Attorney, Hardcore Gang Division
(31) John Fullerton, Deputy District Attorney


(1) Captain Tom Saxey, U.S. Air Force
(2) Captain Jason Liso, U.S. Air Force Reserve;
(3) Captain Paul Feldman, U.S. Air Force Reserve
(4) Lt. Col. Joseph Fugaro, U.S. Air Force, MO ANG 110th Bomb Squadron
(5) Captain Chris Birrier, U.S Air Force National Guard


(1) Sgt. Jimmie Pitts, El Monte Police Department, Crimes Against Children Unit;
(2) Det. Patrick Flaherty, Los Angeles Police Dept. Criminal Gang Homicide Bureau;
(3) Sr. Inv. Lawrence Arnwine, LADA Hardcore Gang Division
(4) Det. Archie, Los Angeles Police, West Detectives
(5) Det. Richard Arciniega, Los Angeles Police, Newton Homicide Division
(6) Ofcr. Nick Ferara, LAPD
(7) Ofcr. Armando Leyva, Los Angeles Police, Southeast Gangs
(8) Det. Derek Fender, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Human Trafficking Bureau.


(1) Gary Meastas, Defense Bar
(2) Tom Kielty, Defense Bar
(3) Arnulfo Urias, Department of Homeland Security Office of Chief Counsel
(4) Samuel Tyre, Defense Bar
(5) Matthew Cooper, Defense Bar
(6) Austin Ifri, Defense Bar
(7) James E Silverstein, Defense Bar
(8) Felipe Plascencia, Defense Bar
(9) Lauren Horner, Defense Bar
(10) Ian Wallach, Defense Bar
(11) Rick Ragsdale, Defense Bar
(12) Henry Salcido, Defense Bar
(13) Dennis Saab, Defense Bar


(1) Andrew Trutanich, former Deputy District Attorney
(2) Delia Park, Special Education Attorney
(3) Zack Domb, Employment Attorney
(4) John Fowler, Civil Litigation Attorney
(5) Edward Baroian, Civil Litigation Attorney
(6) Daniel Ngai, Civil Litigation Attorney
(7) Nitesh Patel, Law School Dean and Estate Planning Attorney
(8) Monika Mehta, International Human Rights Attorney

*Note:  All endorsements are personal in nature and do not represent the endorsement of the governmental entity, unless stated otherwise.